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IOsemi is changing the performance of your cell phone today and into the future

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Cell phones are amazingly complex devices, with the ability to not only make a phone call, but to connect you to the world of the internet regardless of if you are standing on a street corner or traveling a 100mph in a bullet train.  Fundamental to these capabilities is the RF section of a cell phone. This is the section where digital signals appear to be magically changed into the wireless signals that connect you to the rest of the world.

IOsemi's highly experienced technical team is developing a new approach to implementing the RF Sections of cell phones that combines advanced technology with design innovations to enable a dramatic simplification of existing architectures while simultaneously delivering enhanced performance and lower costs.

IOsemi's mission is to become the leading supplier of  high performance semiconductor chips targeted at multi-band, multi-mode cellular frontends.  It intends to accomplish this by utilizing IOsemi's ZEROcapTM CMOS Technology to supply devices with previously unachievable pricing and performance

IOsemi Samples Gen2 RF Switches

January 13, 2014

IO Semiconductor Inc. today announced that it is sampling RF Switches based upon IOsemiís Gen2 ZEROcapTM CMOS.  These Gen2 products feature lower insertion loss Ö